Our curriculum is based upon the belief that children learn best in a safe, exciting, developmentally appropriate and organized environment.  We also believe that children are naturally curious information seekers who thrive in an environment where they can question, test and reflect on the world around them. 

Our curriculum is a mix of teacher-directed and child-initiated experiences.  We strive to create varied learning opportunities and groupings throughout the day.  While some units of study are determined by the teachers, others are based upon the interests of the class. 

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule for our students is a mix of structured as well as unstructured or “choice” times.  Each morning, the class meets as a group.  At this meeting, the teachers check in to see how everyone is doing; students share stories about their time away from school and then the plans for the day are discussed.  As children mature, meeting times are extended to include more elements.  Following the group meeting, the children’s schedule includes; Choice Time, Story Time, Snack, Gross Motor Time (outside in our backyard or inside with gym equipment in our Croft), a specialized class, Small Group Time as well as special activities and projects.

Specialized Classes

Each day the children take an enrichment class which is taught by a teacher with training in the field. 

Visual Art Visual Art class is our most structured special as children are taught about using different tools, new mediums and working in the style of famous artists.  Children are encouraged to think about and plan out their work and to develop their own creative style.  During Visual Art, children also develop listening skills, respect for classmates’ work processes, and stronger fine motor skills. 

Music and Movement.  Children explore the world of music and movement through creative dance, singing songs, the use of instruments and exposure to a variety of musical genres.  Children learn to control their own voices as a means for making music and they develop an understanding of rhythm by learning to follow and repeat a rhythm and pattern with their bodies and a variety of instruments.

Drama Our Drama curriculum incorporates games, stretching, sound making and pretending all in an effort to expand imaginative thinking and build confidence.  Through pretending, children explore their physical and mental creativity, work a variety of muscle groups and learn to become more comfortable with their physical bodies and how they relate to the space around them.  

Science Our Science class emphasizes process and inquiry.  Teachers provide materials to be explored, then urge children to create questions, investigate and problem-solve to find their own answers. Children learn to observe, compare, measure, chart information, hypothesize, record observations and reflect.  Children are encouraged to revisit, update, document and make conclusions while discussing results and questioning outcomes.

Cooking Our Cooking curriculum is closely linked to the classroom curriculum and it oftentimes reflects the current unit of study.  While cooking, the childen are encouraged to taste a variety of ingredients.