About The School

Christ & Saint Stephen’s Church began to explore founding an early childhood program in 2005, having leased space to an independent nursery school program for more than 30 years. After careful research, planning and design construction on The Day School at Christ & Saint Stephen’s began in late 2010. We welcomed our inaugural classes in September of 2011.

The Day School at Christ & Saint Stephen’s is an outreach of the congregation that offers a values-based education to children of all faiths and backgrounds. It is our goal to provide children with skills that will push them beyond traditional learning and promote dynamic thinking. Students are encouraged to develop their natural curiosity, to hypothesize, to think reflectively, to find multiple ways of solving a problem and to formulate questions when encountering new information. In addition to the more "academic" skills, social and emotional development is stressed. We work to develop compassionate, empathetic and thoughtful citizens who understand that they are part of many communities. The Day School is not only preparing children to move on to kindergarten, we are inspiring students to become passionate life-long learners.